Quality And Processes

Good Processes To Fine Quality

In an industry as fiercely competitive as ours, the significance of effective quality control and assurance cannot be overstated. It forms the very foundation upon which WNDSPORTS thrives.

Our commitment to superior quality is ingrained in the meticulous organization of our processes and the diligent oversight they receive. WNDSPORTS has meticulously crafted, developed, and implemented a comprehensive series of process control and quality management protocols. These protocols stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering products of the utmost excellence to our esteemed clients.

Furthermore, at WND, we actively foster an environment that champions the spirit of the craftsman—one that values attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence. This ethos extends to each individual within our organization, where we not only encourage but also deeply respect and reward those who embrace this philosophy and consistently excel in their roles.

1.Key Process Control -Incoming Quality Check

One of the most important materials in manufacturing inflatable boards is dropstitch. However, most suppliers in China do not perform an inspection on this material, assuming that the quality provided by bigger suppliers is reliable. At WND Sports, we take extra measures to ensure that our dropstitch material is of the best quality. We have developed a tailored testing process that allows us to assure the reliability and quality of the dropstitch purchased from our suppliers. Please note that there is an extra cost associated with this special test, as the dropstitch materials are expensive. We strive to deliver the highest quality products to our clients, and our Key Process Control-Incoming Quality Check is just one of the many ways we accomplish this goal. 

2.Key Process Control -Printing Quality Check

When it comes to inflatable boards, printing quality is a crucial factor to consider. The ink used for printing must be consistent with the design and should not easily peel off from the PVC surface. To ensure the quality of materials with patterns printed either with silk-screen printing process or digital printing machine, a standard color test is applied. This test has three parts: visual inspection, scratch test with 3M tape, and chemical solution test to check color fastness. The visual inspection checks if the ink color matches the design. The scratch test ensures the ink adheres well to the surface and does not peel off easily, while the chemical solution test checks the color’s ability to resist fading or blurring over time. Ensuring that inflatable boards pass this color test guarantees high-quality products made to impress and last.

3.Key Process Control -Seaming

Seaming is a critical part of the inflatable board production process and plays a crucial role in creating initial air- and water-tightness, as well as the board’s pressure-bearing capabilities. The success of this process determines the functionality and quality of the final product. Therefore, it is essential to prevent adhesive failure to ensure high-quality seaming. The first step is to clean both the dropstitch and seal or 1st rail tape, which is often overlooked but crucial to prevent adhesive failure. Proper sealing follows cleaning, and a tracking label with the worker’s number is issued to each board to monitor the process. In addition, we use a torque wrench to tighten the valve instead of a regular wrench to prevent over tightening or looseness. Our primary goal is to ensure efficiency and quality control in all stages of production.

4.Key Process Control – Test

It is important that each product is thoroughly evaluated to ensure its functionality before proceeding to the next stage. The 1st rail tape product must proceed through the following six steps before the makeup stage:

1. A cosmetic check for blemishes on the board.
2. The board must be inflated to a certain PSI and then pass the twisting or leveling test.
3. Height of the rocker must be properly measured. Any board that fails in the above two tests will be returned to the operator for repair.
4. A board that has passed the tests will then be left inflated at 14 PSI for 24 hours before proceeding to the air leakage test stage.
5. A pressure meter is then connected to the valve to test the air leakage. Boards without any leakage would proceed to the air leakage test.
6. Work professionals diligently brush soap water along both edges of the rail tapes to further ensure the no potential air leakage issues. After an additional 24 hours of monitoring, boards without any leakage issues proceed to the makeup process.

5.Key Process Control –Make-up

The Key Process Control for make-up jobs requires workers to sign their names on the tracking label before starting the job and indicate the date of pass once their boards pass the quality inspection. In the event that a board fails the inspection, it is returned to the worker who performed the job for repair until the board is eventually fixed and passes the quality check. This process ensures quality control and accountability in the production process.

6.Key Process Control –Decoration

WNDSPORTS takes great pride in its decoration process, which is the final key step in producing high-quality products. Our team pays special attention to every detail to ensure the utmost durability and quality. To prevent EVA deckpads from sticking to each other during transportation, we store them separately on a custom-made mesh shelf. Additionally, we use a high-frequency welding machine to ensure a robust and long-lasting bond between PVC materials and other small attachments such as Drings and fin box base. We conduct thorough checks in the final stage to ensure that every product passes the rolling press machine. As a final assurance, we stamp each product with our QA chop. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every step of the process, and we take pride in providing our customers with the best-quality products.

Quality and Process Control

The team at WNDSPORTS believes in the importance of upholding high standards of quality control. As stated by expert Mr. Edwards Deming, waiting until inspection is too late – quality is already built into the product. While our team faced challenges early on, we learned from these experiences and now use this knowledge to improve our control and management systems. With each task we complete, we conduct detailed reviews and maintain open communication channels in order to continually train and improve our processes. Our goal is to be a reliable partner to our clients, and we are committed to ongoing learning in order to make this possible.